The Appointment of the Editor


                                                                        A Letter of Appointment

Dear Dr. Hafiz M. Qasim,

It is a great pleasure to announce your appointment as an editor of the Linguistic Forum—A Journal of Linguistics. By accepting an appointment, your name will appear in the member list of the “Editorial Board” on each issue cover page of the journal as well as on its website ( The appointment will initially be for one year, from August 10, 2021, to August 9, 2023.

As an editorial board member, you will be expected to:

  • Recommend high quality papers for publication in LinFo
  • Call for papers from your acquaintances
  • Review submitted manuscripts or provide referees
  • Hold vital decision on paper acceptance or rejection
  • Support to the quality control of the journal, check every issue before its release
  • Promote LinFo in various ways, e.g., to promote journal at relevant conferences and other events

Best wishes,

Ali Raza Siddique


MARS Publishers