About the Journal

Linguistic Forum-About the Journal

Linguistic Forum [LinFo] is an international journal blind peer review journal of Linguistics headed by MARS Group in 2018.


MARS started its journey in 2018 with a passion to facilitate the academic community across the globe utilising the potential of its expert team of editors, reviewers, publishers, and writers. It has served the academic community by providing the assistance in articles/theses writing, editing, reviewing, international/national fee payments, and publication in world renowned journals. 

To serve the academic community more by maintaining editorial integrity, preserving robust-publishing standards, and offering the breadth of outlook for the promotion of research around the world, MARS has launched ‘Linguistic Forum’ (LinFo), a journal of linguistics, as a showcase for the advances in research to bring together the most significant research articles, book reviews, commentaries, and reports having potential to explore issue, provoke debates, and posit solutions related with different areas of language and linguistics.