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Linguistic Forum is an international journal of Linguistics started by MARS group.

Linguistic Forum

Linguistic Forum (LinFo) is an international journal. It is published quarterly following blind peer review norms. It aims to provide the researchers with a platform for cutting edge debates and discussions leading to the meaningful contributions to linguistic theory and practice. So far as the scope is concerned, LinFo publishes articles, book reviews, commentaries and reports on all aspects of language and linguistics.


November Issue 2019

1) Genre Analysis of Acknowledgement Texts by Pakistani Master Level Theses Writers

Muhammad Ahmad, Ali Raza Siddique, Muhammad Mushtaq

2) Investigating Content and Language Integration in an EFL Textbook: A Corpus-Based Study

Amna Arshad,  Prof. Dr. Muhammad Asim Mahmood

3) Conducting Needs Analysis for an English for Specific Purpose Course for Agricultural Sciences

Dr. Wasim Hassan, Prof. Dr. Mamuna Ghani, Muhammad Yasir Masood, Dr. Noreen Saba

4) Attribution of Transitivity Roles and Characterization in  Heart of Darkness

Surinder Kaur

5) An Application of Fairclough’s Three Dimensional CDA Approach to Fraser Anning’s Speech in Australian Senate

Dr. Wasim Hassan, Abaid ur Rehman, Asad Zafar, Farwa Akbar, Samyya Masood